Model studies of the Vistula River


The objective of the model studies is developing the concept of obtaining, at this section of the Vistula, a depth of at least 2 m with medium-low water (SN) and minimum class IV of navigability.

For the preparation of data, it is necessary to develop:

  • physical and numerical modeling of selected water stages – study of erosion processes;
  • numerical modeling of the entire lower section of the Vistula River for the proposed variants of the Lower Vistula cascade.



  • Physical model of the erosion of the washable bottom of the river
  • Selection of cascade variants for the numerical model
  • Hydrodynamic numerical model

Project on map


Analysis of the adaptation of the Vistula River on the section from Włocławek to the the Gulf of Gdańsk to the large and small cascade – model studies


The State Water Holding Polish Waters


To carry out research on a physical model of a high-grade stage, a section of the Vistula river was selected in km 704.38 - 711.38 with the location of the barrage in Siarzewo at km 706.38. A section of the Vistula river at km 854 - 861 (Nowe) was selected for research on the physical model of the low-fall grade. As a model of the bypass channel, the route running along the right bank of the river was selected - for the location of the Siarzewo barrage.

Time frame

2017 - 2018